My name is Matt Patterson.

I'm a photographer, storyteller, and content developer from Seattle, Washington. After graduating from college and starting a desk job, I quickly realized that sitting in front of a computer for sixty hours a week would be the end of me. I needed something wild to balance out the civility of city life. So, I picked up everything from trail running and kayaking to rock climbing and snowboarding, and I set off on adventures through South America, Iceland, and more than fifteen of America's National Parks. 

Photography started out as a way to share my experiences with others, and has turned into a professional career that's allowed me to work with brands like Lululemon, Evo, and the National Park Service. When it comes to creative work, I'm passionate about helping companies develop a consistent, cohesive image to share across digital, print, and social media channels.

I'm passionate about helping brands tell their stories.

I'm available for photo assignments, image licensing, social media content creation, and blog & journal content.

If you would like to hire me or work with me on a project, please contact me here.